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Can-Ar Coach Service 2801-2804

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These buses were initially used on the [[Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Shuttle]], which Tokmakjian had taken over the contract from [[Pacific Western Transportation]] in April 2016. After new buses were acquired for the Billy Bishop shuttle, 2801-2802 were transferred to Fort Erie Transit in January/February 2017, while the remaining units continued to be used on the Billy Bishop shuttle as backup units.
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|[[Image:Can-Ar Coach Service 2802-b.jpg|128px]]
|[[ElDorado National E-Z Rider II MAX '9 VINs'#9C084163|1N9MNAC609C084163]]
|[[Ontario Bus License Plates 540 0BJ - 549 9BJ#542 3BJ|542 3BJ]]
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