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BC Transit 711-720

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'''[[BC Transit]] 711-720''' were [[General Motors Corporation|GMC]] [[General Motors TDH-4801|TDH-4801]] buses built in 1954.
They were originally delivered to [[Los Angeles Transit Lines]], and were purchased second hand by the [[BC Transit|Bureau of Transit Services]] c.1973, and operated in a number of BC systems as noted.  Buses owned by the '''Bureau of Transit Services''' transferred to the '''Urban Transit Authority''' upon its creation in 1979, renamed '''BC Transit''' in 1982. '''BC Hydro Transit''' fleet ownership transferred to '''Urban Transit Authority (UTA)''' and operations assumed by '''Metro Transit Operating Company (MTOC)''' in April 1980. '''UTA''' renamed '''BC Transit''' in 1982; '''MTOC''' operations in Vancouver and Victoria moved into '''BC Transit''' in April 1985
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