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BC Electric Transit M413-M418

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M401-M412 were 1958 Canadian Car and Foundry/ Brill model CD52A Buses delivered built BC Electric Railway Company in 1958. All Units Transferred to '''BC Electric Hydro Transit''' in 1962.   '''BC Hydro Transit''' fleet ownership transferred to '''Urban Transit Authority (UTA)''' and operations assumed by '''Metro Transit Operating Company (MTOC)''' in 1958April 1980.'''UTA''' renamed '''BC Transit''' in 1982; '''MTOC''' operations in Vancouver and Victoria moved into '''BC Transit''' in April 1985
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!Seated Capacity
!Seat Type
!Rear Door
!Interior Style
!Destination Sign
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|AEC Underfloor Diesel
|Torque Converter
|2 pc Push
*Renumbered 3418 in 1964
*Repainted in special livery for Shopper's Freebus service in 1978
*To Metro Transit Operating Company in 1979
*To store in 1981
*Sold 1985 for scrap in 1985
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