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Dartmouth Transit

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Dartmouth Transit was the name of the public transit agency operating buses in the former city of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, from 1978-1981.
The first transit system in Dartmouth was operated by Bell Buses Ltd from 1921-1957. Bell Buses Ltd. operated an unknown number of Reo HT96 transit buses through out downtown Dartmouth and its suburbs, including Shannon Park, Notting Park and Eastern Passage. Bell Buses Ltd sold their transit system and Reo buses to Dartmouth Transit Service Buses Ltd in 1957. DTS Buses Ltd. began replacing the Reo buses with gasoline powered Blue Bird transit buses and GM [[Old Look|Old Looks]] and [[New Look|New Looks]], including two 30-foot [[General Motors TDH-3301|TDH-3301]]'s in 1970 and a 30-foot [[General Motors TDH-3302|TDH-3302]] in 1973.
On February 1st 1978 the City of Dartmouth took over transit operations from Dartmouth Transit Service Buses Ltd, renaming it simply Dartmouth Transit. No new buses were purchased by Dartmouth Transit during its years operating bus service in Dartmouth.
Dartmouth Transit's livery consisted of a single blue stripe around the sides and rear below window level, wrapping around the front of the bus. The front of the bus below the windshield was also blue. Dartmouth Transit and DTS Buses Ltd did not paint their company logos or (sometimes) fleet numbers on their buses, giving them a very plain look.
On March 1, 1981, Dartmouth Transit and [[Halifax Transit Corporation]], the transit agency in Halifax, were merged into one, named the Metropolitan Transit Commission, later renamed Metro Transit, the name it retains to this day. All Dartmouth Transit buses still in service at that time were kept on and repainted in Metro Transit's green and blue livery.
==Fleet Roster==
''The following buses were purchased by the Dartmouth Transit Service Ltd. prior to the formation of [[Metro Transit]] in 1981. All buses still in service by 1981 were repainted in Metro Transit's blue and green livery.''
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