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Motor Coach Industries F3500

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The '''[[Motor Coach Industries]] F3500''' (initially known as the 102F35) was a 35 -foot coach that was manufactured available in Sahagun, MexicoNorth America. The F3500 was originally intended to be used as a conversion shell due to its affordable price and length, but it soon found markets in the shuttle and motorcoach industries.
After the merger of MCI and Dina in 1994, MCI worked on a new, small integral coach for the North American market. This became the F12 in Mexico, a 40-foot two axle coach, and the F3500, a 35-foot two axle coach, in Canada and the United States. It used the torilastic suspension developed by [[Flxible]] and acquired by Dina. The coaches were manufactured in Sahagun, Mexico.<ref>Plancho, Larry (April 2001) MCI Coaches A to J. ''National Bus Trader''.</ref>
'''{| class="wikitable collapsible collapsed"|- !Engine'''* |-|[[Cummins]] [[Cummins ISC|ISC]] 285 hp, 800 lb-ft of torque, exhaust brake * |-|[[Detroit Diesel]] [[Detroit Diesel Series 40|Series 40]]'''|-!Transmission'''* |-|[[Allison]] [[Allison Bus Series|B400]]'''HVAC''' |-* 6 cylinder compressor, driven by a self adjusting belt drive off the main engine!Suspension'''Suspension'''|-* |Lord independent front suspension '''Steering''' |-* Hydraulic Ross gear TAS 65 !Brakes'''Brakes'''|-* |Service: Bendix ABS with optional traction control * |-|Emergency: Power spring chambers in rear axle '''|-!Steering|-|Hydraulic Ross gear TAS 65|-!HVAC|-|6 cylinder compressor, driven by a self adjusting belt drive off the main engine|-!Electrical'''* |-|24 volt negative ground* |-|Two heavy duty 29 plate, 200 ampere hour capacity batteries* |-|Front headlights - xenon halogen - 12 volt lamps '''|-!Seating Capacity'''* |-|36 passenger recliners with restroom '''|-!Luggage Compartments''' *|-|Underfloor enclosed compartments - 280 cu. ft. '''|-!Fuel Tank'''* |-|158 gallon capacity with double access tank door located behind front axle |}
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