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Motor Coach Industries F3500

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! align="center" colspan="2" style="background:#efefef;" | <big>MCI - F3500</big>
|colspan="2"| [[Image:F3500Motor_Coach_Industries_F3500.jpg|300px|MCI F3500]]
| align="center" colspan="2" | [[Motor Coach Industries|MCI]] - F3500
The '''MCI [[Motor Coach Industries]] F3500''' was actually a Dina F12 35-foot coach built in Mexico, but marketed in North America under the MCI name. The majority of these coaches sold were used as motorhome conversions or shuttle buses.==Specifications=='''Engine'''* [[Cummins]] [[Cummins ISC|ISC 285 hp]], 800 lb-ft of torque, exhaust brake * [[Detroit Diesel]] [[Detroit Diesel Series 40|Series 40]]'''Transmission'''* [[Allison]] [[Allison Bus Series|B400]]'''HVAC''' * 6 cylinder compressor, driven by a self adjusting belt drive off the main engine'''Suspension'''* Lord independent front suspension '''Steering''' * Hydraulic Ross gear TAS 65 '''Brakes'''* Service: Bendix ABS with optional traction control * Emergency: Power spring chambers in rear axle '''Electrical'''* 24 volt negative ground* Two heavy duty 29 plate, 200 ampere hour capacity batteries* Front headlights - xenon halogen - 12 volt lamps '''Seating Capacity'''* 36 passenger recliners with restroom '''Luggage Compartments''' *Underfloor enclosed compartments - 280 cu. ft. '''Fuel Tank'''* 158 gallon capacity with double access tank door located behind front axle
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