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CPTDB Wiki:Photographs

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Please read the [[CPTDB_Wiki:General_disclaimer|general disclaimer]] for information regarding copyright of photographs.
==Uploading photos '''<font color="red">*(NEW)*'''</font>==
The wiki is not to be used as a personal gallery of your photos (ie Flickr, Photobucket, etc...). One or two photos of the same bus taken at the same time is acceptable, but not 10-20.
==Photo Name==
 *Photographs are to be named with the transit agency and the fleet number in the title. *There should also be a suffix added after the fleet number to allow for more than one photo of the same vehicle to be uploaded. **For example: Mississauga Transit 0109-a.JPG jpg :**'''DO NOT upload a new image and replace an already used suffix.UPLOAD A NEW IMAGE AND REPLACE AN ALREADY USED SUFFIX'''- If there is already a Mississauga Transit 0109-a.jpg picture uploaded, use Mississauga Transit 0109-b.jpg, etc. *For further details please refer to the [[Naming Conventions]] page.
==Photo Size==
*Watermarks are permitted, but should be minimal and not detract from the photo.
*Pictures should be of good quality, i.e. no blurring or low pixelation.
*Photos of retired or otherwise very rare buses are exempt from the guidelines above if no better quality photos exist and/or have been uploaded.
Image:Edmonton Transit System 1038-a.jpgImage:Welland Transit 1141-a.JPGjpgImage:VIA Rail Canada 913-a.JPGjpg
Image:Toronto Transit Commission 1338-a.jpg
==Thumbnail replacement '''<font color="red">*(NEW)*'''</font>==
If you intend replace a thumbnail photo, it should be the better quality than what is currently there. If you want to replace a thumbnail, it's recommended to ask the person that put it there first (or most recently) if it can be replaced or consult a moderator if you are unsure if it's the same or better quality.


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