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Motor Coach Industries F3500

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The '''[[Motor Coach Industries]] F3500''' (initially known as the 102F35) was actually a Dina F12 35-foot coach built that was mabufactured in Mexico. The F3500 was originally intended to used as a conversion shell due to it's afordable price and length, but marketed it soon found markets in North America under the MCI nameshuttle and motorcoach industries.  The majority of these coaches sold were F3500's heritage can be traced back to the Dina F12, a motorcoach produced for the Mexican market. It used the torilastic suspension developed by [[Flxible]] as motorhome conversions or shuttle busesDina had acquired a liscence to Flxible designs. The F12 is built as a 40 foot coach in Mexico, but is built as a 35 foot coach for Canada and the United States and badged an MCI
* [[Wolf's Bus Lines]] - York Springs, PA
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