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CPTDB Wiki:Photographs

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Please read the [[CPTDB_Wiki:General_disclaimer|general disclaimer]] for information regarding copyright of photographs.
==Uploading photos '''<font color="red">*(NEW)*'''</font>==
The wiki is not to be used as a personal gallery of your photos (ie Flickr, Photobucket, etc...). One or two photos of the same bus taken at the same time is acceptable, but not 10-20.
==Photo Name==
 *Photographs are to be named with the transit agency and the fleet number in the title. *There should also be a suffix added after the fleet number to allow for more than one photo of the same vehicle to be uploaded.**For example: Mississauga Transit 0109-a.JPG jpg**'''DO NOT UPLOAD A NEW IMAGE AND REPLACE AN ALREADY USED SUFFIX''' - If there is already a Mississauga Transit 0109-a.jpg picture uploaded, use Mississauga Transit 0109-b.jpg, etc.*For further details please refer to the [[Naming Conventions]] page.
==Photo Size==
==Photo Quality==
'''Guidelines:'''Photos are to *Vehicle should occupy the majority of the frame, be primarily of centered in the subjectphoto, with no obstacles hiding part of and be the subjectmain focusPhotos *The photo should either be of the side of the subject or a 3/4 angle shot, showing preferably show the entire front and one side, of the vehicle or the entire rear and one side (of the latter only when accompanied by vehicle if a photo that shows the front is already available. Photos showing side detail are also permitted as long as the vehicle is centered in the shot *Photos taken in sunlight should have both viewed sides of the front and one sidevehicle in direct sunlight when possible, or just minimal shadows that do not interfere with the viewing of the vehicle details.*The entire vehicle should be visible, i.e. not cut off by the edge of the side photograph, or be partially obstructed by objects.*Watermarks are permitted, but should be minimal and not detract from the photo.*Pictures should be of good quality, i.e. no blurring or low pixelation.*Photos of retired or otherwise very rare buses are exempt from the subject)guidelines above if no better quality photos exist and/or have been uploaded.
Image:Kingston Edmonton Transit 0626System 1038-a.JPGjpgImage:Welland Transit 1141-a.JPGjpgImage:VIA Rail Canada 913-a.JPGjpgImage:Canadian National 4706Toronto Transit Commission 1338-a.JPGjpg
==Thumbnail replacement '''<font color="red">*(NEW)*'''</font>==
If you intend replace a thumbnail photo, it should be the better quality than what is currently there. If you want to replace a thumbnail, it's recommended to ask the person that put it there first (or most recently) if it can be replaced or consult a moderator if you are unsure if it's the same or better quality.


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