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The Southern Nevada Transit Coalition, or Silver Rider Transit, provides fixed-route and paratransit services in Laughlin and Mesquite.


Routes 601-603 were originally operated by CAT-Las Vegas using local drivers, but buses (usually D40LF's) that were rotated from Las Vegas every couple of days. After Flyer 645 was destroyed in a battery fire out by Searchlight coming back from Laughlin, RTC decided to give up on this service, and SNTC was organized to take over.

In 2003, RTC decided to give the Las Vegas route 118-Henderson/Boulder City to SNTC, along with two NABI's 759 and 760. At least one of these was "stickered" with a very fancy "Silver Rider" silver and red livery, but it was very soon back to CAT White/aqua/salmon. The 118 was a disaster. Both NABI's soon broke down, there was apparently nobody at SNTC capable of fixing them, and service was soon down to a 12-passenger van. Within 6 months CAT took the route and two buses back, and it is now part of the long 402-Downtown/Boulder City line.[1]

All-Time Bus Roster

Fleet Number(s) Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission Notes
101-102 ? GMC RTS-04
Ex-RTC Ride.
103-104 ? GMC RTS-04
Ex-RTC Ride.
301, 305, 309-312 1990 Gillig Phantom 40'
712, 729, 748,
Silver Rider 748-a.jpg 1999 NABI 40-LFW
954, 972, 976-978 2007 NABI 40-LFW HEV Cummins ISL Allison EP40 Ex-RTC Transit 954, 972, 976-978.
4402 1981 GMC RTS-04
Ex-Valley Metro 4402.

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