Société de transport de Montréal 33-001 to 33-008

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Société de transport de Montréal 33-001 to 33-008 were General Motors T6H-5307N buses built and delivered in 1983 to the Commission de transport de la communauté urbaine de Montréal. They are in suburban configuration and do not feature a rear exit door. These buses were used for sightseeing tours, and then later used on mainly West Island routes until 1999.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Detroit Diesel 6V71N Allison V730 49 high back vinyl Rollsign


Fleet number Thumbnail Date VIN License plate Division Status/Disposal Notes
33-001 April 1983 2GHYT82WXD3500315 Saint-Laurent Retired
33-002 April 1983 2GHYT82W1D3500316 Saint-Laurent Retired
33-003 Société de transport de la communauté urbaine de Montréal 33-003-a.jpg April 1983 2GHYT82W3D3500317 Saint-Laurent Retired
  • Sold to Autocars Tradition.
  • Restored by a private collector to running condition
  • Scrapped February 2012 after developing serious engine issues
33-004 April 1983 2GHYT82W5D3500318 Saint-Laurent Retired
33-005 April 1983 2GHYT82W7D3500319 Saint-Laurent Retired
33-006 April 1983 2GHYT82W3D3500320 Saint-Laurent Retired
33-007 April 1983 2GHYT82W5D3500321 Saint-Laurent Retired
33-008 April 1983 2GHYT82W7D3500322 Saint-Laurent Retired

Currently owned by the FHTCQ; in running condition

Last GM New Look purchased in Montréal.