Sightline 57102-57107

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Sightline Tours units 57102-57107 are Van Hool T2145 coaches owned and operated by Meridian Transportation Resources (MTR Western).


Fleet Number Thumbnail VIN Notes
57102 YE2TC15BX82044341
  • to MTR Western 57102; now "Spirit of Napa Valley"
57103 Sightline 57103.jpg YE2TC15B182044342
  • briefly numbered 57105 in error when delivered
  • to MTR Western 57103; now "Spirit of San Diego"
57104 YE2TC15B382044343
  • to MTR Western 57104; now "Spirit of Moab"
57105 Sightline 57105.jpg YE2TC18B482044668
  • briefly numbered 57102 in error when delivered
  • to MTR Western 57105
57106 Sightline 57106.jpg YE2TC18B282044667
57107 YE2TC18B682044669
  • to MTR Western 57107; now "Spirit of San Francisco"