Siemens S70

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Siemens S70
TriMet 409.jpg
S70 example built for Portland
Years of manufacture 2001 to present
Length 81.36 to 96.36 feet
Width 8.7 feet
Power Alternating current electric

The Siemens S70 (named Avanto in Europe) is a modular, low floor light rail vehicle. It is geared towards systems which run into a city centre from the surrounding regions. In Europe, this is exemplified with the tram-train concept which involves operating on mainline tracks. Therefore the Avanto meets higher safety specifications.[1]

The dimensions and appearance of the S70 can be customized to suit the operator while the layout of all S70 trams are essentially the same. The S70 is composed of one short low floor section between two longer, partial low floor sections.


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