Setra S 407

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Setra S 407
Setra S 407 CC Demonstrator Unit.jpg
Years of manufacture 2011 to 2021
Length 45 feet
Width 102 inches
Fuel Diesel
Setra S 407 CC Demonstrator Unit-r.jpg

The Setra ComfortClass S 407 is a motorcoach that was built in Neu-Ulm, Germany and available in Canada and the United States. It made its debut at the 2011 UMA Expo in Tampa, Florida.[1] DATTCO was the first customer to take delivery of the S 407. They were placed into Megabus service. With the launch of the Mercedes-Benz Tourrider in 2021, the Setra S 407 was no longer offered.

The S 407 is marketed as an economical alternative to the TopClass S 417 and with features expressly to North American standards. The S 407 features standard energy absorbing rubber bumpers and a typical American mirror system. It lacks the silvered window trim/rain gutter and rear window featured on the S 417. The S 407 also uses simplified tail lights.[2] Setra introduced an upgrade option for the S 407 in 2016. Customers are able to specify the lower profile, sculpted front and rear bumpers as well as tail lights from the TopClass S 417.

Inside the S 407, seating is provided by 56 Setra Route seats available with three-point seat belts. Space may be made available for a wheelchair. A lift can be specified near the centre of the vehicle. Lighting is provided by light fixtures above the centre of the aisle with subtle green lighting at night. The parcel racks as well as the passenger service sets differ in design from the S 417. In the lavatory, the toilet faces against the direction of travel in case of an emergency stop. With the upgrade option, customers may specify Setra's Voyage and Voyage Plus seats. New finishes are available such as faux wood panel flooring.




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Demonstrator/engineering units

Fleet number Thumbnail Year VIN Engine Transmission Notes
2011 Displayed at OTE 2011


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