Salem-Keizer Transit 101-112

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Salem-Keizer Transit 101-112 is wheelchair accessible.

Salem Area Mass Transit District 101-112 are 2002 OBI Orion VII CNG (07.502) buses.

Interior layout of 101-112.

These were ordered in September, 2001 and were expected to be delivered in late 2002. They were finally delivered in early 2003 from delays in manufacturing due to Metropolitan Transportation Authority's large Orion VII CNG order.

These buses replaced the 9 1980 GMC RTS-04 (T7J-604) 1500-1508 units and 3 of the 1986 GMC RTS-04 (T7J-604) 1529-1550 units.

The paint scheme of the buses was a red variation of the Orion VII demonstrator units.

Originally just for 6 units, all 12 units received new CNG tanks as the age of the buses approached 15 years old in 2016-2017.

When the order of the six 2018 Gillig Low Floor CNG 35' buses 1801-1806 were placed into service 6 units were retired; 101-106 in order.

With the arrival of the four 2019 Gillig Low Floor CNG 35' buses 1901-1904, four additional units have been or are planned to retire, 107-110 in order.

This leaves 111 and 112 without replacements and according to Cherriots staff they will be in service until more buses will be on order.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Detroit Diesel Series 50G Allison B400R5 12: American Seating 6466 (front)
20: American Seating 6468 (rear)
TwinVision Amber LED


Exterior Interior Build Date VIN License
Status/Disposal Notes
101 Salem Area Mass Transit District 101-b.jpg 2002 1VHGF3C2026700200 E226242
October 2018
102 Salem Area Mass Transit District 102-b.jpg 2002 1VHGF3C2826700249 E226243
November 2018
103 Salem-Keizer Transit 103-a.jpg 2002 1VHGF3C2426700250 E226244
November 2018
104 Salem-Keizer Transit 104-a.jpg 2002 1VHGF3C2626700251 E226245
December 2018
105 Salem-Keizer Transit 105-a.jpg 2002 1VHGF3C2626700265 E226246
January 2019
106 Salem Area Mass Transit District 106-a.jpg 2002 1VHGF3C2826700266 E226247
February 2019
107 Salem-Keizer Transit 107-a.jpg 2002 1VHGF3C2X26700267 E226248
August 2019
108 Salem-Keizer Transit 108-a.jpg Salem Area Mass Transit District 108 Interior-a.jpg 2002 1VHGF3C2626700282 E226249
August 2019
109 Salem-Keizer Transit 109-a.jpg 2002 1VHGF3C2826700283 E226250
August 2019
110 Salem-Keizer Transit 110-a.jpg 2002 1VHGF3C2X26700284 E227451 Active
111 Salem-Keizer Transit 111-a.jpg 2002 1VHGF3C2X26700298 E226240 Active
112 Salem-Keizer Transit 112-a.jpg 2002 1VHGF3C2126700299 E226241 Active