Proterra Catalyst BE40

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Proterra Catalyst BE40
Proterra 2014 Catalyst demonstrator-a.jpg
Years of manufacture 2014 to present
Length 42 feet
Width 102 inches
Power/Fuel Electricity

The Proterra Catalyst is the company's second generation battery electric low floor transit bus. It was first launched as the 40-foot Catalyst BE40 at the 2014 APTA Bus and Paratransit Conference in Kansas City. Foothill Transit, the launch customer for the first generation bus, was the first to order the latest generation bus.

The bus can travel up to 50 miles before the standard fast charge (FC) batteries, now lithium–titanate instead of lithium-ion, need to be recharged. In February 2015, Proterra introduced an extended range (XR) option that allows the bus to travel up to 180 miles between charges. A year later, Proterra introduced an enhanced XR battery that holds 28 percent more energy at 330 kWh, allowing the bus to travel up to 193 miles. At the 2016 American Public Transit Association (APTA) Annual Meeting, Proterra unveiled their E2 (Efficient Energy) battery option with a capacity of 440 to 660 kWh that allows the bus to travel between 194 and 350 miles. This range is able to meet a full day's worth of service for some agencies.[1]

The bus's batteries can be charged enroute with a proprietary charging station, which features automatic docking.[2] The standard FC option can be fully charged in ten minutes, while the XR option can be fully charged in approximately one hour.[3] The bus can also be plugged in using a J1772 CCS charger at the garage. The E2 is only charged this way while the bus is out of service, typically when it is parked overnight, at the garage and is fully charged in three to five hours.


Length: 42' 6"
Width: 102"
Height: 135.5"
Wheelbase: 24’ 8"
GVWR: 39,050 lbs
Traction motor
UQM HD220 220 kW peak permanent magnet motor
Eaton EEV-7202 2-speed auto-shift EV transmission
Independent front suspension and multi-link air-ride rear suspension
Four wheel disc brakes w/ ABS and optional traction control
Battery options
Series Model Nominal range Standard charge time Curb weight
FC (Fast Charge) FC 49 miles 10 minutes 26,446 lbs
FC+ 62 miles 13 minutes 27,500 lbs
XR (eXtended Range) XR 136 miles <3 hours 26,637 lbs
XR+ 193 miles <3 hours 28,243 lbs
E2 (Efficient Energy) E2 251 miles <3.5 hours 29,849 lbs
E2+ 303 miles <4 hours 31,455 lbs
E2 max 350 miles <5 hours 31,455 lbs


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