Port Authority of Allegheny County 3301-3340

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Port Authority of Allegheny County 3301-3340 is wheelchair accessible.

Port Authority of Allegheny County 3301-3340 are 2013 New Flyer D60LFR buses.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Cummins ISL9 Voith D864.5


Thumbnail Build
VIN License Plate(s) Garage Status/Disposal Notes
3301 5FYD5YU02DB042000 MT44615 Collier Active
3302 5FYD5YU0XDB042004 MT44619 Collier Active
3303 5FYD5YU07DB042008 MT44623 Collier Active
3304 5FYD5YU09DB042012 MT44627 Collier Active
3305 5FYD5YU06DB042016 MT44631 West Mifflin Active
3306 5FYD5YU08DB042020 MT44635 West Mifflin Active
3307 5FYD5YU05DB042024 MT44639 West Mifflin Active
3308 5FYD5YU02DB042028 MT44643 West Mifflin Active
3309 5FYD5YU04DB042032 MT44647 West Mifflin Active
3310 5FYD5YU01D8042036 MT44651 West Mifflin Active
3311 5FYD5YU04DB042001 MT44616 West Mifflin Active
3312 5FYD5YU01DB042005 MT44620 West Mifflin Active
3313 5FYD5YU09DB042009 MT44624 West Mifflin Active
3314 5FYD5YU00DB042013 MT44628 West Mifflin Active
3315 5FYD5YU08DB042017 MT44632 West Mifflin Active
3316 5FYD5YU0XDB042021 MT44636 West Mifflin Active
3317 5FYD5YU07DB042025 MT44640 West Mifflin Active
3318 5FYD5YU04DB042029 MT44644 West Mifflin Active
3319 5FYD5YU06DB042033 MT44648 East Liberty Active
3320 5FYD5YU03DB042037 MT44652 East Liberty Active
3321 5FYD5YU06DB042002 MT44617 East Liberty Active
3322 5FYD5YU03DB042006 MT44621 East Liberty Active
3323 5FYD5YU05DB042010 MT44625 East Liberty Active
3324 5FYD5YU02DB042014 MT44629 East Liberty Active
3325 5FYD5YU0XDB042018 MT44633 East Liberty Active
3326 5FYD5YU01DB042022 MT44637 East Liberty Active
3327 5FYD5YU09DB042026 MT44641 East Liberty Active
3328 5FYD5YU00DB042030 MT44645 East Liberty Active
3329 5FYD5YU08DB042034 MT44649 East Liberty Active
3330 5FYD5YU05DB042038 MT44653 East Liberty Active
3331 5FYD5YU08DB042003 MT44618 East Liberty Active
3332 5FYD5YU05DB042007 MT44622 East Liberty Active
3333 5FYD5YU07DB042011 MT44626 East Liberty Active
3334 5FYD5YU04DB042015 MT44630 East Liberty Active
3335 5FYD5YU01DB042019 MT44634 East Liberty Active
3336 5FYD5YU03DB042023 MT44638 East Liberty Active
3337 5FYD5YU00DB042027 MT44642 East Liberty Active
3338 5FYD5YU02DB042031 MT44646 East Liberty Active
3339 5FYD5YU0XDB042035 MT44650 East Liberty Active
3340 5FYD5YU07DB042039 MT44654 East Liberty Active