Oshawa Transit Commission 153-160

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Oshawa Transit Commission 153-160 were Nova Bus LFS buses built in 2002.

The buses have seating for 38 passengers or 32 passengers and two wheelchairs. Seat frames are in blue and seat inserts are in Holdsworth Fabrics's blue crescents moquette. These buses have a wide front door with a wheelchair ramp and a narrow rear door that uses an optic sensor for operation by passengers. Heating, cooling and ventilation are provided by a roof-mounted Carrier unit. Passenger windows are of the tip-in transom design.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Detroit Diesel Series 40 Allison B400R 38 American Seating Model 6468 Luminator Horizon


Thumbnail Year VIN License plate Status/Disposal Notes
153 2002 2NVYL82P923000367 To Durham Region Transit 8153 in January 2006.
154 2002 2NVYL82P023000368 To Durham Region Transit 8154 in January 2006.
155 2002 2NVYL82P223000369 To Durham Region Transit 8155 in January 2006.
156 2002 2NVYL82P923000370 To Durham Region Transit 8156 in January 2006.
157 2002 2NVYL82P023000371 To Durham Region Transit 8157 in January 2006.
158 2002 2NVYL82P223000372 To Durham Region Transit 8158 in January 2006.
159 2002 2NVYL82P423000373 To Durham Region Transit 8159 in January 2006.
160 2002 2NVYL82P623000374 To Durham Region Transit 8160 in January 2006.