Old Pueblo Trolley Museum

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The Old Pueblo Trolley Museum operates historic trolleys through historic downtown Tucson, from the Fourth Avenue Business District to the main gate of the University of Arizona. In addition, the organization collects, restores, and maintains historic streetcars and buses, trains volunteer conductors and motormen, publishes and displays historical research, and support efforts to expand public transportation.



Fleet number(s) Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission Notes
7-8 1928 Twin Coach Model 40
14 1937 Yellow Coach Model 733 Originally Tucson Rapid Transit Company 14.
50 1946 Ford 69-B
  • Originally Tucson Rapid Transit Company 50.
  • Later Southern Arizona School for Boys, Miller's Saddle Shop, Old West Trading Post.
  • Restored as TRT #50.
112 1947 Twin Coach 41-S
135 1960 GMC TGH-3102 Originally Old Pueblo Transit 135.
217 1953 GMC TDH-4512
1477 1974 GMC T8H-5308A
5511 1975 AM General 9640-8 Originally Sun Tran 5511.
7316 1973 GMC T6H-4523A Originally Tucson Transit System/Sun Tran 7316.

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