North Bay Transit 788-790

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North Bay Transit 788-790 are Nova Bus LFS buses built in 2018.

This is the first order to display an 8-digit city fleet number, which is displayed on the sides of the vehicle; the last three digits correspond to the transit fleet number, and are a larger font. These buses come equipped with USB charging outlets to charge a smartphone or a tablet.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Cummins L9 37 Luminator Horizon


Thumbnail Production
VIN License plate(s) Status/Disposal Notes
788 1730-9788 North Bay Transit 788-b.jpeg 2018 2NVYL82J7J3751395 708 9BK Active
789 1824-9789 2018 2NVYL82J9J3751396 630 9BK Active
790 1825-9790 North Bay Transit 790-b.jpeg 2018 2NVYL82J0J3751397 631 0BK Active

North Bay Transit logo.jpg
Active 770-771, 774-775, 776-777, 778-779, 780-781, 782-783, 784-785, 786-787, 788-790, 791, 792-793, 794
Retired T1-T8, 401-402, T721-T733, T721-T723, T724-T725, T726-T729, T730-T732, 734-735, T734-T736, T737, T737-T739, T740-T742, T742, T743-T745, T746-T748, T749-T750, T751-T755, T756-T760, T761-T763, 764-765, 766-767, 768-769, 772-773