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NABI 436
Ikarus USA/American Ikarus/NABI 436
Ikarus USA/American Ikarus/NABI 436
Years of manufacture 1987, 1991-2002
Length 59 feet 6 inches
Width 102 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel
NABI 436

The North American Bus Industries 436 (also known as 60-SFW) was a 60-foot high floor articulated transit bus. The 436 was introduced by Ikarus in 1987, then built by Ikarus USA in 1991 and American Ikarus from 1992 to 1996 before passing on to NABI. The NABI 436 (along with the 60-LFW) was offered until 2008, but the last units were built for San Mateo County Transit District in 2002.

Design history

The 436 is an American derivative of the 435, a standard articulated transit bus produced by Ikarus in Hungary. The 436 most closely resembles the 435, however the 436 is longer and has a different drivetrain configuration. The rear fascia of the 436 has provisions for an HVAC unit or a rear window.

The 436 uses a steel structure that is phosphate coated to protect from corrosion. Wheel housings, stairwells, main electrical compartment and battery compartment are stainless steel. Body panels and access doors are either sheet metal or fibre reinforced polymer. The bus is available with two or three doors and choice of wide or narrow doors.


Length: 59 feet 6 inches
Width: 102 inches
Roof Height: 118 inches
Wheelbase: 264 + 233 inches
Turn Radius: 44 feet
Engine Emissions Availability
Cummins ISL 8.9L, 330 hp EPA 1998, (2004, 2007) 1999? to 2002 (offered until 2008)
Cummins ISM 10.8L, 330 hp EPA 1998, (2004, 2007) 1999 to 2002 (offered until 2008)
Cummins L10(E) 10.0L 330 hp 1991 to 1994 (offered, never used)
Cummins L10G 10.0L 330 hp (LNG[1]) 1991? to 2000? (offered, never used)
Cummins M11(E) 10.8L, 330 hp EPA 1998 1994 to 1999
Detroit Diesel 6V92TA 300 hp 1987, 1991 to 1995
Detroit Diesel 6V92TA PING
(Diesel/LNG Dual-Fuel)
1991 to 1995 (offered, never used)
Detroit Diesel Series 50 EPA 1998 1994 to 2000
Detroit Diesel Series 50 EGR EPA 2004 2000 to 2004 (offered, never used)
Detroit Diesel Series 50G (CNG, LNG[1]) 1994 to 2005 (offered, never used)
Transmission Availability
Allison B500R 1994 to 2002 (offered until 2008)
Allison HTB-748 1987 to 1995
Voith D864.2 1991 to 1993 (offered, never used)
Voith D864.3E Not offered, but used by agencies to replace ZF's
ZF 4/5HP590 1991 to 2001
ZF 4/5HP600 1991 to 2001
ZF 5/6HP592C 2001 to 2002 (offered until 2008, never used)
ZF 5/6HP602C 2001 to 2002 (offered until 2008, never used)
Thermo King



Hungary Flag of Hungary.png

  • Nógrád Volán - Salgótarján, Nógrád (436.K1)

United States Flag of the United States.png

Demonstrator/Engineering Units

Thumbnail Build
VIN Engine Transmission Notes
Ikarus 416 & 436 Prototypes-a.jpg
Ikarus 416 & 436 Prototypes-b.jpg
1987 436.K1.001.87 Detroit Diesel 6V92TA Allison HTB-748
  • Prototype built by Ikarus, 436.K1.
  • It demoed in Hungary, the United States and Canada in 1987-1990.[2][3][4]
  • It was sold to Nógrád Volán in Salgótarján, (Nógrád County in Hungary) and operated as CLU-469 (which was its license plate number) circa 1991.[5][6][7][8]
    • It was the only 436 to operate in service in Hungary.
    • It retired circa 2004-2005 and was spotted parted out at the garage circa 2007.[9] It was eventually spotted parted out in a junk yard in Budapest, Hungary at an unknown time, possibly in 2018.[10]
  • It featured a larger glazed surface on the rear, along with a large rear window and had small windows behind the last row.
  • Additional Image 1[11], Additional Image 2[12]
3020 1991 1H9436004MA155218 Detroit Diesel 6V92TA Allison HTB-748
1994 1A9436047RA288092 Cummins M11 ZF 4HP590

Preserved Coaches

Thumbnail VIN Original Owner Fleet
Current Owner

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