North American Bus Industries 35-LFW

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Years of manufacture 1997 to 2015
Length 35 feet 8 inches
Width 102 inches
Propulsion Diesel, diesel-electric Hybrid, CNG, LNG

The North American Bus Industries 35-LFW is a 35 foot low floor transit bus. The welded steel structure is phosphated internally and externally, coated internally with anti-corrosion material, and coated with epoxy externally. The underfloor area is undercoated, as well as insides of roof and side skins to prevent drumming and condensate formation. Wheelhousings, stepwells, main electrical compartment and battery compartment are stainless steel. The 35-LFW is available in two or one door configurations and choice of wide or narrow doors.

In 2008, NABI offered the redesigned 35-LFW following the redesigned 40-LFW. This model features a sleek front and option for bonded glazing. The same year NABI offered a diesel electric hybrid version.

After New Flyer Industries purchased NABI, the 35-LFW along with all other remaining NABI products were discontinued in 2015.



  • Length: 35 feet 8 inches
  • Width: 102 inches
  • Roof Height: 116 inches
  • Wheelbase: 219 inches
  • Turn Radius: 38 feet





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NABI - a brand of New Flyer Industries
(all models discontinued as of 2015)
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