Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority 1717-1724

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Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority 1717-1724 is wheelchair accessible.

Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority 1717-1724 are 2017 Nova Bus LFS buses. Buses were completely delivered in April of 2017.

These buses were purchased to retire select 2100 and 2200 series buses that have outlived their useful lives and have been retired.

These buses were purchased as part of the 24 bus purchase (project 2-3475), with 16 buses (1701-1716) being CNG fueled, and 8 buses (1717-1724) being diesel fueled. The CNG-fueled buses were assigned to Frontier Station, while the diesel-fueled buses were assigned to Cold Springs Station.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Cummins Westport ISL G Voith 8: American Seating 6468
30: American Seating InSight Prime
TwinVision Amber LED


Fleet Number Thumbnail Year VIN License Plate Garage Notes
1717 Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority 1717-a.jpg 2017 4RKYL82J8H9775838 AZ1926 Cold Spring
1718 2017 4RKYL82JXH9775839 AZ1927 Cold Spring
1719 2017 4RKYL82J6H9775840 AZ1925 Cold Spring
1720 2017 4RKYL82J8H9775841 AZ1924 Cold Spring
1721 2017 4RKYL82JXH9775842 AZ2139 Cold Spring
1722 2017 4RKYL82J1H9775843 AZ1923 Cold Spring
1723 2017 4RKYL82J3H9775844 AZ1922 Cold Spring
1724 2017 4RKYL82J5H9775845 AZ1921 Cold Spring