New Flyer Industries D45S

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New Flyer D45S
New Flyer D45S Viking
Years of manufacture 1998 to 1999
Length 45 feet
Width 100 inches

The New Flyer Industries D45S, named the Viking, was New Flyer's commuter coach offering. They worked with their parent company Den Oudsten Bussen to develop the Viking, and the first two coaches were built by Den Oudsten. Due to competition from other manufacturers, as well as a general lack of customers for the unique vehicle, the Viking was only produced for two years (1998 to 1999) and subsequently discontinued.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County of Houston and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York were the only customers to purchase the Viking new. Houston's 101 Viking coaches were used on its express routes, and New York's three coaches were confined to the X51 route. Both agencies have retired their fleets from service. Some have found their way into the second hand market.



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Demonstrator/engineering units

Below is a list of known demonstrator and engineering buses

Fleet number Thumbnail Year VIN Engine Transmission Notes
1998 18596
1998 18597 Pilot bus for Houston METRO, numbered 4700.
New Flyer Industries
Current Models

Battery-Electric: 35ft: XE35 - 40ft: XE40 - 60ft: XE60
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG): 35ft: XN35 - 40ft: XN40 - 60ft: XN60
Diesel: 35ft: XD35 - 40ft: XD40 - 60ft: XD60
Diesel-Electric Hybrid: 35ft: XDE35 - 40ft: XDE40 - 60ft: XDE60
Electric Trolleybus: 40ft: XT40 - 60ft: XT60
Hydrogen Fuel Cell: 40ft: XHE40 - 60ft: XHE60

Past Models

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG): 30ft: C30LF - C30LFR - 35ft: C35LF - C35LFR - 40ft: C40 - C40LF - C40LFR
Diesel: 30ft: D30LF - MD30 - 35ft: D35 - D35LF - D35LFR - MD35 - 40ft: D40 - D40LF - D40LFA - D40LFR - D40S - D40i - 45ft: D45S - 60ft: D60 - D60LF - D60LFA - D60LFR
Diesel-Electric Hybrid: 30ft: DE30LFR - 35ft: DE35LF - DE35LFA - DE35LFR - 40ft: DE40LF - DE40LFA - DE40LFR - DE40i - 60ft: DE60LF - DE60LFA - DE60LFR
Electric Trolleybus: 40ft: E40LF - E40LFR - 60ft: E60 - E60LFR
Gasoline-Electric Hybrid: 35ft: GE35LFR - 40ft: GE40LF - GE40LFA - GE40LFR
Hydrogen Fuel Cell: 40ft: F40LF/H40LF- HE40LF - H40LFR
Liquified Natural Gas (LNG): 30ft: L30LF - 35ft: L35LF - 40ft: L40 - L40LF - L40LFR

Platform Invero - Low Floor - MiDi - Xcelsior