Neoplan USA AN440LF

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Neoplan USA AN440LF
Neoplan USA AN440LF
Years of manufacture 1990 to 2006
Length 40 feet
Width 102 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel, CNG

The Neoplan USA AN440LF was a 40-foot low-floor transit bus sold in the United States. It was first introduced as the AN440L and sold in small numbers before a large order by the Port Authority of Allegheny County in 1999.


The AN440LF used an electrically welded, integral steel structure. Carbon steel was used for the majority with stainless steel used for areas such as the wheel housings, engine bay, and stepwells. The galvanized steel roof and body panels were either welded or adhered to the frame. The front and rear of the bus were moulded from fibreglass. The bus had a low floor front section with steps up to a high-floor section after the rear doors. The drivetrain is mounted in a T-Drive configuration at the rear.

Neoplan introduced their prototype AN440L in 1990. Its appearance was similar to the AN440, however being low floor, the window line was raised higher at the rear. The prototypes also had a stepped roof that incorporated an HVAC unit. Another prototype was built in 1994 for Valley Metro in anticipation of their first low floor bus order. This bus did not have the stepped roof line.

The AN440LF was redesigned in the late 1990s. The lower front fascia was reshaped and received new headlights. The rear received a smoother appearance, round tail lights, and a hinged engine door instead of a pantograph-type engine door.



United States

Demonstrator & Engineering Units

Thumbnail Build
VIN Engine Transmission Notes
1990 LL013002
1990 LL013003
9211 2001 1N9TA1BA61L013003 Detroit Diesel Series 50G Allison B400R San Francisco MUNI CNG Demonstrator
9212 2001 1N9TA1BA81L013004 Detroit Diesel Series 50G Allison B400R San Francisco MUNI CNG Demonstrator