Neoplan USA AN435

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Neoplan USA AN435
Years of manufacture 1982 to 1996
Length 35 feet
Width 96, 102 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel, CNG

The Neoplan USA AN435 was a 35-foot high-floor transit bus sold in the United States. It was offered alongside the 40-foot AN440 from 1982 to 2006, however none were purchased after 1996.


The AN435 used an electrically welded, integral steel structure. Carbon steel was used for the majority with stainless steel used for areas such as the wheel housings, engine bay, and stepwells. The galvanized steel roof and body panels were either welded or adhered to the frame. The front and rear of the bus were moulded from fibreglass.

The AN435 was available with two doors. Initially offering plug-type doors, slide glide and flip out doors would later become options. A wheelchair lift could be specified at the front door.



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