Neoplan USA AN408

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Neoplan USA AN408
Neoplan USA AN408
Neoplan USA AN408 Front
Years of manufacture 1984 to 1988
Length 26 feet
Width 96 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel
Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District 2300-c.jpg
Neoplan USA AN408 Rear

The Neoplan USA AN408 "Litl' Bus" was a 26-foot, semi high-floor transit bus sold in the United States.


The AN408 used a self-supporting monocoque steel construction made of rectangular structural tubing that was electrically welded. Its exterior roof and walls were made up of double galvanized steel and were welded to the frame of the bus. Stainless steel was used for the wheelhousings and stepwells.

It was available with one or two doors plug-type doors. A wheelchair lift option was available in the front or the rear.

It featured a single step entrance design at the front door. It was Neoplan's first attempt at building a "Low Floor" transit bus.

Unlike the larger models in the Advanced Design series, the AN408's exhaust system featured a tailpipe protruding from the right side of the rear end instead of the left.

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Original Operators

United States Flag of the United States.png

Second Hand Operators

Mexico Flag of Mexico.png

  • Vatican - The Pope Bus/Popemobile (John Paul II) - Basilica of Guadalupe - D.F. Mexico City (exported from the U.S.) [1] [2] [3]

United States Flag of the United States.png

  • Camptown Bus Lines - Newark, NJ (Ex-?)
  • Cinedyne - ?, CA (Ex-AC Transit)
  • D.C. Tours - Martha's Vineyard, MA (Purchased via Michaud Bus Sales in Salem, MA; Ex-Hudson Valley Bus, Exx-Camptown Bus Lines, Exxx-?)
  • Hudson Valley Bus - ?, NY (Ex-Camptown Bus Lines, Exx-?)
  • Metropolitan Suburban Bus Authority (Long Island Bus) - New York City, NY (Ex-Avis Rent-A-Car)
  • New Orleans Tours - New Orleans, LA (Ex-Macy's Department Store)
  • Olympia Trails - Essex & Union counties, NJ [4]
  • Quo Vadis Tours - San Francisco, CA (Ex-AC Transit)

Venezuela Flag of Venezuela.png

  • Coop. de Transp. Casa Fuerte R.L. (Coop. Casa Fuerte Villa Olympica) - Barcelona, Anzoátegui
    • 2 known units, exported from the U.S.
    • Unit 5: [5] [6] [7]
    • Unknown fleet number: [8] [9]

Demonstrator and Engineering Units

Thumbnail Build
VIN Engine Transmission Notes
1984 ? Detroit Diesel 8.2L Allison AT-545
  • Demonstrator
  • Image
  • Displayed "Neoplan Litl' Bus" on the bus
Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District Neoplan AN408 Demo-a.jpg 1984 ? Detroit Diesel 8.2L Allison AT-545
  • Demoed at the 1984 APTA Expo
  • Built to AC Transit specs
? ? Detroit Diesel 8.2L Allison AT-545 Image
1984 1N9TAS3__EL013526 Detroit Diesel 8.2L Allison AT-545 Demonstrator
1984 1N9TAS3__EL013542 Detroit Diesel 8.2L Allison AT-545 Demonstrator