Neoplan N8012

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Neoplan N8012
Neoplan N8012
Years of manufacture 1990 to 1996
Length 35 feet
Width 98 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel

The Neoplan N8012 was a 35 foot low floor bus made of carbon and fiberglass composites. It was the 35 foot variant of a series of lightweight carbon-fiber buses built by Neoplan known as the Metroliner In Carbon-Design (MIC).

Production of the N8012 began in Stuttgart, Germany in 1990. In 1992, production of the N8012 was moved to a plant in Plauen, Germany in order to save costs. In 1993, Neoplan USA introduced the N8012 to the United States market. The prototype bus/demonstrator would be sold to Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County the following year. Only a single known U.S. order was placed by Roaring Fork Transportation Authority in 1995. Approximately 4 to 5 units were built for the U.S. market in total. Production of the N8012 ended in Germany in 1996.

U.S. Specifications

Demonstrator Units/Special Units

Thumbnail Build
VIN Engine Transmission Notes
Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County 3040-a.jpg 1993 1N9TL16A7PP013096 Cummins B5.9 ZF 4HP500
  • Displayed at the 1993 APTA Expo
  • United States distribution prototype
  • Sold to Houston METRO as 3040 in 1994.


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