Motor Coach Industries MC-12

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Motor Coach Industries MC-12
Years of manufacture 1991 to 1998
Length 40 feet
Width 96 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel

The Motor Coach Industries MC-12 was produced at the behest of Greyhound USA. Greyhound had found success with the MC-9 and desired something similar going into the 1990s. The MC-12 was highly compatible with their existing fleet. It had as similar appearance to the MC-9 Special and many of the same components and features of the newer A-Series. The MC-12 can be visually distinguished from the MC-9 by a more rounded roof area over the windshield and A-Series rear end.

A total of 1,411 MC-12 coaches were produced. Apart from Greyhound, a small number of companies purchased the MC-12. The coach was also sold as a prisoner transport vehicle.




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