Motor Coach Industries D45 CRT LE

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Motor Coach Industries D45 CRT LE
Roam 1027-a.jpg
Years of manufacture 2017 to present
Length 45 feet
Width 102 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel

The Motor Coach Industries D45 CRT LE, part of MCI's next-generation D-Series, is a commuter coach available in Canada and the United States. The coach features a low entry section near the middle to facilitate boarding of mobility devices. This low floor section can also be accessed via a staircase to the high floor section. Deliveries were expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2018.[1] The Bow Valley Regional Transit Services Commission of Banff, Alberta was the first operator to order the MCI D45 CRT LE. The first of four coaches was completed in Pembina at the end of March 2019 and on its way to the transit commission.[2] The first significant mass order for the D45 CRT LE was 77 coaches, operated by LOOP Transportation, to be used as shuttles for employees of the Facebook social network in California.

The D45 CRT LE was developed along with longstanding partner Designworks USA and by working with advocacy organizations including the National Council on Independent Living (NCIL), Society of Manitobans with Disabilities (SMD), and The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD). By early 2017 a prototype, in a disguising wrap, was shown to various transit agencies. The D45 CRT LE was formally unveiled at the 2017 American Public Transportation Association Expo in Atlanta, Georgia.[1]

Like the J4500, the D45 CRT LE has a web integral semi-monocoque frame made of tubular T304 stainless steel and an entirely fiberglass exterior body. It also has the same wheelbase, overall length, front and rear overhangs, and front and rear track as the J4500, as well as the same engine options. The D45 CRT LE features radically different styling from previous D-Series coaches, with design elements from the newest J4500. The exterior is punctuated by dynamic character lines and sculpted forms. Inside, the coach retains the latest D-Series ceiling and parcel racks with added indirect lighting. The front entranceway is wider and features a spiral staircase with lighted step edges like the J4500.


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Demonstrator and engineering units

Below is a list of known demonstrator and engineering buses.

Fleet number Thumbnail Year VIN Engine Transmission Notes
Sept. 2016 2MGZDM8A0HW067559 Detroit Diesel DD13 Allison B500
  • Submitted for Altoona Test in 2017.[5]
  • Grey exterior with disguising wrap.
  • Blue and grey interior.
67606 Motor Coach Industries 2017 D45 CRT LE demonstrator-a.jpg Sept. 2017 2MGZDMBA7JW067606 Cummins ISX12
  • Displayed at the 2017 APTA Expo.
  • On trial with AC Transit from December 11 to December 29, 2017.[6]
68606 Motor Coach Industries 68606-a.jpg 2018 JW068606 Cummins ISX12 Allison B500
  • Displayed at the 2018 Ontario Transportation Expo.
  • Displayed at 2018 Reliability Rally: Los Alamitos.
  • Later retrofitted with new drive train and became the demo for the D45 CRTe LE electric bus.
    • Reissued a new VIN 2MGWDMZA9KW068606
68618 2018 JW068618 Cummins ISX12 Allison B500 Plain white
68678 2018 2MGZDMBA4JW068678 Cummins ISX12 Allison B500
68691 2018 2MGZDMBA7JW068691 Cummins ISX12 Allison B500
  • Made appearance in Austin, TX.
68717 2018 2MGZDMBAXJW068717 Cummins ISX12 Allison B500
68772 Motor Coach Industries 68772-a.jpg May 2018 1M8ZDMBA2JP068772 Cummins ISX12 Allison B500
  • Built in Pembina, which is where production units will be built, but given a serial number in Winnipeg sequence.
  • Displayed at CUTA Transit Show in 2018
  • On trial with New Jersey Transit, July 2019.


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