Motor Coach Industries B-Series

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Motor Coach Industries B-Series
Greyhound 2550.jpg
Years of manufacture 1991 to 1994
Length 40 feet
Width 102 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel

The Motor Coach Industries B-Series was a line of coaches manufactured in the first half of the 1990's. It largely replaced the A-Series and was meant as an economical offering for the intercity and charter markets. The B-Series used the lower front fascia of the 102-C3, while the rest of the coach remained much like the A-Series. Eventually, some operators elected to have smooth painted lower sides rather than fluted stainless steel. The B-Series, along with the 102-C3, were replaced by the 102-D3 in 1994.[1]

Model Number Breakdown

Model Number Length
96-B3 40' 96" 3 known to be built
102-B3 40' 102" 201 known to be built



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