Motor Coach Industries 102-EL3

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MCI 102-EL3
MCI 102-EL3
Years of manufacture 1997 to 2001
Length 45 feet
Width 102 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel
MCI 102-EL3

The Motor Coach Industries 102-EL3 was the original coach in the E-Series lineup. It made its first debut in Hawaii during the American Bus Association's annual meeting in 1996.[1] and became MCI's flagship coach.

It was originally available only with framed windows (which most 102-EL3s have), but was later updated to have frameless windows as an option.

Distinguishing features on the 102-EL3 coach include a "R" badge (for "Renaissance") on the front of the coach, as well as the older "MCI" logo embossed on the right side of the rear bumper.





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Demonstrator Units

Fleet Number Thumbnail Year VIN Engine Transmission Notes
757 1998 ? ? ?
  • Bronze with red, blue & black curved lines.
  • "Renaissance".
1999 1M8TRMPA9XP060435 Detroit Diesel Series 60 Sold to Ayr Coach Lines 302 (2nd).
2000 1M8TRMPA2YP061041 To Viaggiatore Coach Lines #?.