Miami-Dade Transit 16101-16105

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Miami-Dade Transit 16101-16105 are Gillig BRT 40' (G27D102N4) buses built in 2017.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Cummins L9 Allison B400R


Fleet number Thumbnail Date VIN License plate Division Status/Disposal Notes
16101 Miami-Dade Transit 16101-a.jpg 2017 15GGD2717H1186180 TF7174 Northeast Division Active
16102 Miami-Dade Transit 16102-a.jpg 2017 15GGD2719H1186181 TF7175 Northeast Division Active
16103 Miami-Dade Transit 16103-a.jpg 2017 15GGD2710H1186182 TF7176 Northeast Division Active
16104 Miami-Dade Transit 16104-a.jpg 2017 15GGD2712H1186183 TF7177 Northeast Division Active
16105 Miami-Dade Transit 16105-a.jpg 2017 15GGD2714H1186184 TF7178 Northeast Division Active