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Mother Clara Hale Depot (Depot Code: OF) is one of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's 30 depots. It provides the buses for a few of Manhattan's north/south corridor routes. The current depot is the third transit garage on the site. The first was dubbed the Lenox Avenue Car House for use by the Metropolitan Street Railway, beginning on July 9th, 1895. In 1936, that was torn down and replaced with a new bus garage, the 146th Street Depot, on July 31st, 1939 (Later renamed the Mother Clara Hale Depot on September 23rd, 1993). The second building was closed in January 2008 and torn down in Spring 2009, replaced by the reopened Amsterdam Depot, to allow for a newer, more modern facility to be built. On November 20th, 2014, the current building was opened which allowed the Amsterdam Depot (Now used for museum bus storage) and the 126th Street Depot (Permanently closed) to be shut down. The depot is currently operated by the New York City Transportation Authority.

Address: 721 Lenox Ave., New York, NY 10039


Local Service

M15 (Overnight Trips)

SBS Service

M15 SBS†


† = Uses articulated buses


Mother Clara Hale's fleet fluctuates weekly, with bus moves occurring very frequently. Therefore, it is impossible to always provide an up-to-date list of buses assigned to the depot. The following table will be updated if any important, notable, or numerous moves occur.

Last updated: 4/19/2021

Fleet Numbers Manufacturer Model Total Notes
3824-3825, 3828-3840, 3876-3893 OBI Orion VII NG HEV 33
6087, 6089, 6091, 6093-6100, 6102-6104, 6106-6108 New Flyer XD60 17 Have the SBS colors
6160-6167, 6195-6223 New Flyer XD60 37 Have the SBS colors
6755-6765, 6767-6771, 6773-6774, 6776-6789 OBI Orion VII HEV 32
Depot Summary 119