Metro Transit 401-420

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Metro Transit buses 401-420 were 1969 GMDD T6H-4521 New Look models. These were originally purchased by the Halifax Transit Corporation and are currently all retired.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Detroit Diesel 6V71 Rollsign


Thumbnail Serial Current Livery License Plate Status/Disposal Notes
401 C094 Retired
402 C095 61-402-A Retired
403 C096 Retired
404 C097 Retired
405 C098 Retired
406 C099 Retired
407 C100 Retired
408 C101 Retired
409 C102 Retired
410 C103 Retired
411 C104 Retired
412 C105 Retired
413 C106 Retired
414 C107 Retired
415 C108 Retired
416 C109 Retired
417 C110 Retired
418 C111 Retired
419 C112 Retired
420 C113 Retired