Meridian Transportation Resources (MTR Western) 5254-5262

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MTR Western 5254-5262 are 2005 Prevost H3-45 coaches.


Fleet Number Thumbnail VIN Licence plate Status/Disposal Notes
5254 2PCH3349751010203
5255 2PCH3349251010206
5256 2PCH3349951010249 Retired

Sold to Great Canadian Coaches 5256.

5257 2PCH3349551010250
5258 2PCH3349751010251
5259 MTR Western 5259-a.jpg 2PCH3349951010252 Retired

Sold to Badger Coaches 274.

5260 2PCH3349251010254
5261 MTR Western 5261-a.jpg 2PCH3349851010257
5262 2PCH3349551010264 Retired

Sold to Great Canadian Coaches 264.