Merced County Transit M-150 to M-156

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Merced County Transit M-150 to M-156 is wheelchair accessible.
Merced County Transit M-150 to M-156 has Wi-Fi access.

The Bus M-150 to M-156 are 2011 Gillig Low Floor 29' (G27E102R2) buses.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Cummins ISL9 28: American Seating InSight



Thumbnail Build
VIN License
Status/Disposal Notes
M-150 2011 15GGE2716B1092165 1337407 Active
M-151 2011 15GGE2718B1092166 1337408 Active
M-152 2011 15GGE271XB1092167 1337409 Active
M-153 2011 15GGE2711B1092168 1337410 Active
M-154 2011 15GGE2713B1092169 1337411 Active
M-155 2011 15GGE271XB1092170 1337412 Active
M-156 2011 15GGE2711B1092171 1337413 Active


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