Megabus DD42631-DD42645

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Megabus DD42631-DD42645 are 2013 model Van Hool TD925 double deck coaches built in late 2012. They are owned and operated by Coach Canada, primarily on the Toronto-Kingston-Montréal corridor.

These buses were ordered to replace the original generation of Megabus double deck buses, and are equipped with a different rear axle configuration to meet new Quebec weight restrictions.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Cummins ISX12 ZF AS Tronic Aesys Libra


Thumbnail Date VIN License plate Notes
DD42631 2012 YE2DH13B5D2042631 BP2 577
DD42632 Coach Canada 42632-a.jpg 2012 YE2DH13B7D2042632 BP2 578
DD42633 10/2012 YE2DH13B9D2042633 BP2 579
DD42634 2012 YE2DH13B0D2042634 BP2 580
DD42635 Coach Canada 42635-a.jpg 2012 YE2DH13B2D2042635 BP2 582
DD42636 10/2012 YE2DH13B4D2042636 BP2 581
DD42637 2012 YE2DH13B6D2042637 BP2 583
DD42638 2012 YE2DH13B8D2042638 BP2 587
DD42639 2012 YE2DH13BXD2042639 BP2 584
DD42640 2012 YE2DH13B6D2042640 BP2 585
DD42641 2012 YE2DH13B8D2042641 BP2 586
DD42642 2012 YE2DH13BXD2042642 BP2 588
DD42643 2012 YE2DH13B1D2042643 BP4 807

(prev. BP2 589)

DD42644 2012 YE2DH13B3D2042644 BP2 590
DD42645 2012 YE2DH13B5D2042645 BP2 591