Megabus DD42450-DD42464

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Megabus DD42450-DD42464 were Van Hool TD925 double deck coaches built in 2009. They were owned and operated by Coach Canada and were primarily used on the Toronto - Kingston - Montreal route. These coaches were also pooled to Buffalo, New York and Philadelphia/Washington. They were formally unveiled at the Megabus launch on Wednesday, August 12, 2009 and were paraded down King Street West in Toronto, Ontario.

Each coach has seats for 81 passengers and are equipped with lap belts. Power sockets are provided along the walls of the coach at each row and all buses are equipped with Wi-Fi. These two items are a major selling point for the Megabus service apart from the discounted fares. During night travel, the cabin is illuminated with soft green lights on the ceiling and beside the reading lights.

These buses were retired and replaced with the 2012 order of TD925s (DD42631-DD42645).

Engine Transmission Seating Destination sign
Cummins ISM ZF AS Tronic 81 Aesys Libra


Thumbnail Date VIN License plate(s) Status/Disposal Notes
DD42450 2009 YE2DG11B592042450 BP2 491 Retired
DD42451 Megabus DD42451-a.jpg 2009 YE2DG11B792042451 BP2 489 Retired
DD42452 2009 YE2DG11B992042452 BP2 488 Retired
DD42453 2009 YE2DG11B092042453 BP2 490

Listed for sale on ABC Companies website in May 2017.

DD42454 2009 YE2DG11B292042454 BP2 495 Retired
DD42455 2009 YE2DG11B492042455 Retired
DD42456 Megabus DD42456-a.jpg 05/2009 YE2DG11B692042456 BP2 493 Retired
DD42457 2009 YE2DG11B892042457 BP2 494 Retired
DD42458 05/2009 YE2DG11BX92042458 BP2 643 Retired
DD42459 2009 YE2DG11B192042459 Retired
DD42460 2009 YE2DG11B892042460
2011 - Fire
  • Caught fire on Hwy. 401 near Brockville on April 22, 2011.
  • Replaced by DD42326, transferred from Coach USA Megabus fleet.
DD42461 2009 YE2DG11BX92042461 BP2 499 Retired
DD42462 2009 YE2DG11B192042462 BP2 497

Listed for sale on ABC Companies website in May 2017.

DD42463 2009 YE2DG11B392042463 BP2 498 Retired
DD42464 2009 YE2DG11B592042464 BP2 500 Retired