Massport CNG507-CNG532

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Massport CNG507-CNG532 is wheelchair accessible.

Massport CNG507-CNG532 were 1999 Neoplan USA AN440A CNG buses.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Cummins L10G Allison B400R


Fleet Number Thumbnail VIN Plate at Retirement Notes
CNG507 1N9TA1AA6XL013030
CNG508 1N9TA1AA8XL013031
CNG509 1N9TA1AAXXL013032
CNG510 1N9TA1AA1XL013033
CNG511 1N9TA1AA3XL013034
CNG512 1N9TA1AA5XL013035
CNG513 1N9TA1AA7XL013036
CNG514 1N9TA1AA9XL013037
CNG515 1N9TA1AA0XL013038
CNG516 1N9TA1AA2XL013039
CNG517 1N9TA1AA9XL013040
CNG518 1N9TA1AA0XL013041
CNG519 1N9TA1AA2XL013042
CNG520 1N9TA1AA4XL013043
CNG521 1N9TA1AA6XL013044
CNG522 1N9TA1AA8XL013045
CNG523 1N9TA1AAXXL013046
CNG524 1N9TA1AA1XL013047
CNG525 1N9TA1AA3XL013048
CNG526 1N9TA1AA5XL013049
CNG527 1N9TA1AA1XL013050
CNG528 1N9TA1AA3XL013051
CNG529 1N9TA1AA5XL013052
CNG530 1N9TA1AA7XL013053
CNG531 1N9TA1AA9XL013054
CNG532 1N9TA1AA0XL013055