Motor Coach Industries G-Series

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Motor Coach Industries G-Series
MCI G4500
Years of manufacture 2000 to 2004
Length 40.5 feet, 45.7 feet
Width 102 inches
Power/Fuel Diesel

The Motor Coach Industries G-Series was an economical coach available in North America. The G-Series was designed in close co-operation with Greyhound Lines.


By 1996, Greyhound Lines was interested in developing a new coach with MCI to suit their needs. Greyhound desired a coach that had the simplicity and durability of the MC-9, which had gained favour in their fleet. MCI simplified some of the systems in their D-Series, including the engine cooling system and used a fixed tag axle. For added durability, they increased their use of stainless steel. It was decided that the new coach would be 41 feet long. A stylish exterior was adapted from the E-Series, with new angular headlights. A notable feature of the exterior is the slight deviation inward of the surface slightly below the passenger windows. This allows the air to carry dirt and rain away from the windows.

Inside, the G-Series is similar to the D-Series. The floor height is slightly higher, which allows for a gain in baggage compartment capacity. A wheelchair lift is located just ahead of the rear wheels, and space is provided for wheelchairs by folding and moving the seats. The driver's area was redesigned and reconfigured, included is a new instrument panel.

The G-Series was manufactured at MCI's facility in Sahagun, Mexico. To test out the coach, 25 prototypes were built and tested in 2000. Of the 25, 17 went to Greyhound and the remaining coaches went to other companies. The design was refined and production began in March 2001. Greyhound began to favour 45-foot coaches at this point, so the G-Series was produced in a 41-foot and 45-foot length. The first coach for Greyhound was presented on May 24, 2001.

While the G-Series found initial success, it later suffered from issues related to reliability. The G-Series was discontinued in 2004, and focus shifted to the D-Series. Many of the design cues were adopted by the D4005 and D4505 coaches.

Model number breakdown

Model number Length
G4100 40.5' 102" Originally released as the 102-G3
G4500 45.7' 102"



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Demonstrator Units

Fleet Number Thumbnail Year VIN Engine Transmission Notes
? 2001 ? ? ?
  • White
? 2002 ? ? ?
  • White