Leyland Motors Olympian

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Leyland Olympian
Brampton Transit 8500-a.jpg
Two-axle LHD Olympian with ECW body
SBS Transit SBS9005D-a.jpg
Three-axle Olympian with Alexander Royale body
Years of manufacture 1979 to 1994
Length 9.56 to 12 metres
Width 2500 millimetres
Power/Fuel Diesel

The Leyland Motors Olympian is a double deck bus chassis that was very popular in the United Kingdom and was also exported to Hong Kong and Singapore with some examples built for North America. The Olympian was officially launched in October 1980 and eventually replaced the Leyland Atlantean and the Bristol VRT3 chassis. Developed alongside the integral Leyland Titan, the two buses share many components.[1] In 1988, Leyland was acquired by Volvo Buses who launched the updated Volvo Olympian in 1992. The final Leyland Olympians were produced in 1994.

The steel fabricated perimeter frame chassis has the engine mounted transversely at the rear. The radiator is mounted at the front of the bus. The Olympian was available in a 9.5 or 10.3 metre two-axle configuration as well as a 10.4, 11, or 12 metre three-axle configuration.

In 1984, Leyland was interested in entering the American market. They planned to collaborate with Gillig to market the Olympian in North America. Leyland sent a left-hand drive Olympian over for evaluation, however the plans never came to fruition. Perimeter Transportation operated the demonstrator as a shuttle for Expo '86 in Vancouver. Gray Line of Victoria purchased the bus after the Expo and later sold it to Brampton Transit in 1988 who numbered it 8500.[2]

Ten 3-axle Leyland Olympian coaches with Eastern Coach Works bodies were delivered to Grosvenor Coach Lines for San Francisco Gray Line sightseeing tours in 1986. [3] The buses have since moved to other Gray Line sightseeing operations in the United States. Some have been converted to open top coaches.



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