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Lewis Stages was founded in 1914 and is based in based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

All-Time Roster

Fleet Number(s) Thumbnail Year Manufacturer Model Engine Transmission Notes
42 Lewis Stages 42.jpg Prevost H3-45
326 Lewis Stages 326.jpg MCI 102-EL3
406 MCI or TMC 102-A3
458 Setra S 417
468 2009 MCI J4500 Cummins ISM ZF 12 AS 2301 BO 3 units. 110V outlets, Blaupunkt entertainment system with 15" video monitors[1]
newer than 2006 MCI J4500 5 units.[1]
newer than 2006 MCI D4505 [1]
MCI E4500 preowned[1]
500 2010 MCI J4500 46-seat coach with galley, Blaupunkt entertainment system with 15-inch video monitors, access to power outlets[2]
505 MCI J4500
1995 Setra S 217 HDH Unknown fleet number

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