Leduc Transit 11-100 to 11-103

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Leduc Transit 11-100-11-103 are New Flyer XD40 buses built in 2014.

They have a suburban configuration, with only one door at the front. These buses exclusively operate on route 1 between Edmonton and Leduc.

Engine Transmission Seating Destination Sign
Cummins ISL9 Allison B400R5 35 - 4ONE Aries Luminator Horizon


Fleet Number Thumbnail Date VIN License Plate Status/Disposal Notes
11-100 Leduc Transit 11-100-a.jpg 2014 2FYD8FV1XEB044633 K-83050 Active
11-101 Leduc Transit 11-101-a.jpg 2014 2FYD8FV11EB044634 K-83051 Active
11-102 Leduc Transit 11-102-a.jpg 2014 2FYD8FV13EB044635 K-83052 Active
11-103 Leduc Transit 11-103-a.jpg 2014 2FYD8FV15EB044636 K-83053 Active