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The Compagnie Électrique Lion LionD is a battery-electric type-D school bus. It has a range of 100, 125, or 155 miles and can be recharged in 6.5 to 11 hours with Level II (J1772) AC charging or 2.5 to 4.25 hours with Level III (CSS-Combo) DC charging.[1]

In June 2017, La Compagnie Électrique Lion announced that they were developing new fully-electric product lines, including a type-A minibus the (the LionA), a low floor midibus (the LionM), type-D school bus (the LionD), as well as a range of trucks.[2] Early renderings of the LionD showed a similar design to the LionM (though with a longer length). Current renderings show the LionD with a higher floor and similar roofline to the LionC.


Length: Up to 40'
Width: Up to 102"
Cabin height: 124"
Wheelbase: 222"
GVWR: up to 36,200 lb
Traction motor
TM4 SUMO MD 250 kW (335 hp), 2,500 Nm (1,800 ft-lb) electric motor
LG Chem lithium-ion batteries 126, 168 or 210 kWh
Front: Up to 13,000 lb
Rear: Up to 23,200 lb
Front: Spring
Rear: Air ride
Air disc brakes
Level II (J1772) 19.2 kW, 6.5-11 hours
Level III (CCS-Combo) 24 kW, 5-9 hours
Level III (CCS-Combo) 50 kW, 2.5-4.25 hours


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