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Kingston Transit route 9 (Former)
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Kingston Transit route 9 was an accessible route operated by Kingston Transit in the city of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.


Route 9 started at the Cataraqui Town Centre in Kingston's west end. From there it proceeded south on Gardiners Road. It detoured off Gardiners Road briefly to serve the Riocan Centre shopping area via the Riocan Centre's internal roads, and then returned to Gardiners Road until it reached the Gardiners Centre at Gardiners & Bath. From there it proceeded east on Bath Road to the Kingston Centre near the intersection of Bath & Princess.

From the Kingston Centre, it proceeded south on Sir John A. MacDonald Boulevard to Johnson Street, and then traveled east on Johnson Street to Clergy Street. It then turned left onto Clergy, then turned left onto Brock Street to the junction of Brock & Barrie which was its terminus. In the other direction towards the Cataraqui Centre, it used Brock Street instead of Johnson Street.


Route 9 originated from the city's Transit Redevelopment Plan in 2011. This plan called for the introduction of 3 express bus routes across the city, one of which was to be implemented in 2013 and the remaining two to be implemented in 2015. A route along Brock/Johnson, Bath, and Gardiners connecting the downtown area to the Cataraqui Centre was designed as one of the two buses to be implemented in 2015.

In 2013, the city decided to implement local service along this future express route as a precursor to express service.

While the route proved popular, it suffered from reliability issues. It had a 30 minute schedule--10 minutes between each of the main points on the route (Cataraqui Centre, Gardiners Centre, Kingston Centre, Brock/Barrie). These travel times proved unrealistic, especially between the Kingston Centre and the Gardiners Centre which typically took 15 minutes to travel instead of the scheduled 10.

The route was eliminated on May 4, 2015 and mostly replaced with new 701 and 702 routes. Route 11 was also realigned to match the former 9's route between the Cataraqui Centre and the Gardiners Centre.

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