Karosa B741

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Karosa B741.1922
Praha 6074-a.jpg
Years of manufacture 1991 to 1997
Length 17.355 metres
Width 2.500 metres
Superceded by Karosa B941

The Karosa B 741 is an articulated transit bus produced by the Czechoslovak (later Czech) manufacturer Karosa in Vysoke Myto from 1991 to 1996. In many cities it replaced the Hungarian Ikarus 280 articulated bus which were slow and expensive to operate; however, there was still a strong demand for high capacity buses. The B741 chassis was based upon the inter-urban articulated C744 and the body was based upon the 2-axle transit buses B731 and B732.

On the right side wall there are four pairs of double-leaf hinged doors for passengers (the first and last are narrower than the middle ones). Seats are covered with imitation leather and are positioned 1 +2 in the front half and 2 +2 in the front section. The engine is located behind the third axle which is also the drive axle.

The protype was a modified C744 and was produced in 1991. There were 620 buses built with the largest quantities going to Prague (174) and Bratislava (107).

B741 Series

  • B741.1908 (1991-1994) LIAZ ML637N engine with ZF transmission
  • B741.1916 (1992-1993) LIAZ ML637N engine with Voith transmission
  • B741.1922 (1992-1996) LIAZ ML637E engine with ZF transmission
  • B741.1924 (1996) LIAZ ML637E engine with Voith transmission


  • Length 17.355 metres
  • Width 2.50 metres
  • Height 3.165 metres
  • Curb Weight 14210 kg
  • Top Speed 70 km/h.
  • Seating 42
  • Standing 108

Available Engines

  • LIAZ ML636E 11.94 litres 175 kW (B741.1922 & B741.1924 series)
  • LIAZ ML637N 11.94 litres 190 kW (B741.1908 & B741.1916 series)

Available Transmissions

  • Voith D863 3-speed automatic
  • ZF 4 HP 500 4-speed automatic transmission