Irisbus Citelis

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Irisbus Citelis
Réseau de transport de Longueuil 40-801-a.jpg
Years of manufacture 2006 to 2013
Length 10.5 to 18 metres
Width 2500 millimetres
Height 2924 or 3001 millimetres
Propulsion Diesel, CNG or electric trolleybus

The Irisbus Citelis is a fully low floor transit bus. It was introduced in 2005 as the successor to the Agora. In 2013, along with the discontinuation of the Irisbus brand, the Citelis range was discontinued and replaced by the Iveco Bus Urbanway.

The Citelis typically used a vertical engine mounted transversely at the rear. This allowed for a full low floor to the rear as well as the option for another door behind the rear wheels. A model known as the Citelis Line used a horizontal engine mounted longitudinally at the rear. This allows for a raised rear section on the closed side, while allowing for a level floor height for all doors.

The Citelis was available with a diesel or natural gas drivetrain. A hybrid electric version uses a smaller engine and series hybrid system from BAE Systems. Irisbus introduced the Citelis hybrid at the 2010 International Motor Show.



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