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ISE Corporation (ISE) is a major manufacturer and developer of hybrid electric systems for trucks and buses. ISE also develops and sells subsystems and components for hybrid, electric, and fuel cell systems.


ISE was founded in 1995 as ISE Research which, in 2003, became ISE Corporation. The company states that the ISE name is not an acronym.[1]

In 2000, ISE the was first to develop and sell a hybrid fuel cell bus, and in 2004, the first to develop an gasoline-electric hybrid system for transit vehicles. ISE has secured some major contracts for their hybrid and fuel cell systems. In 2006, ISE secured the contract to instal their hybrid system into Wright StreetCar RTVs for the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada. ISE secured contracts for their fuel cell technology in 2007 with Transport for London and BC Transit.[1]

In August 2010, ISE filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection after failing to raise additional capital or completing a strategic transaction.[2] ISE continued to operate under Chapter 11. Eventually ISE chose to put it's assets up for auction in 2011, and on January 12, 2011, Bluways, a Belgian hybrid company, purchased ISE with the sale closing February 1.[3] Bluways formed a United States subsidiary, Bluways USA, with ISE's assets. The ISE website is still up, but makes reference to the Bluways name in product description and contact information.

Current products

Hybrid drive systems

The systems were formerly given the ThunderVolt name.

  • Diesel-Electric Hybrid system
  • Gasoline-Electric Hybrid system
  • CNG-Electric Hybrid system
  • Fuel Cell Hybrid system

System components

  • Electrically-driven Accessories
  • Remote Diagnostics System
  • Electric Thermal Management

Energy storage

  • Ultracapacitors
  • Batteries


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