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IC Bus (known as IC Corporation until late 2008) is a builder of school and commercial buses in the United States which was established in 1933. Now it produces its own chassis and bodies and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Navistar International Corporation.


IC Bus's beginnings can be traced back to Ward Body Works which, in 1980, became known as American Transportation Corporation (AmTran). Navistar International purchased interest in AmTran in the 1990's, and over several years acquired more and more of the company eventually fully purchasing the company in 1995.

In 2000, AmTran under Navistar International introduced a fully integrated conventional school bus called the IC. In 2000, the company became International Bus until 2002 when the company's name was changed to IC Corporation. With International Bus becoming IC Corporation, the bus model name IC was changed to CE.

Effective 2014, IC's only product offerings were the CE and RE school bus products, which were also offered as commercial buses without school bus colors and lights.

IC Bus continued to build buses at Ward's plant in Conway, Arkansas, until 2009, when all production was moved to their Tulsa, Oklahoma plant.

Current products

The suffix "200" in a model name indicates that the bus is powered by the smaller engine offered, and "300" in a model name indicates that the bus is powered by the larger engine offered. This nomenclature is no longer used as now only one diesel engine is offered for each bus.


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